Mobile Signs – Parking Lot, Worcester, Mass

When I saw the trucks announcing the purpose and availability of this parking lot, my first instinct was to mock it.

“Hey, should I buy some billboards for the lot?”

“Heck no. Buy some trucks and paint them instead!”

I get the idea of sign trucks that can drive around and advertise, but these seem to need to stay in place, or at least very close the the lot.  They do no good 10 blocks away, even if placed at the nearest highway exit.

But then I remembered what I always try to remember: which is that if something seems to make no sense whatsoever then there is probably something I’m missing.  The folks who run this lot know more about it than I do so there’s likely some reason these are trucks and not immobile signs.  What do I now?

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  1. I like your note about what you try to remember – and now I’ll try to remember it as well!

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