I am not quite sure how I managed this, but it appears that nothing in this image is in focus. I think it still works, although I’m not kidding myself. It would be better if something were in focus, whether it be the the pile of wood (I believe this is what I intended), the light source to the right (another good choice), or a pipe hanging from the ceiling. While preparing this post I googled “out of focus photography,” and if you do so you can find web pages presenting “great” out of focus photographs. I looked at dozens of such images, and frankly, a mere handful are great because they are out of focus. The rest, like this one, work tolerably well despite being out of focus.

I had fun working on the image in post, playing with contrast and tones to create a sort of “focal point” even though nothing is in focus. I do see this picture now as telling a story, and blurry and obscure as it may be.

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