Grant’s Tomb

Late afternoon shot of Grant's Tomb on Morningside Heights, Manhattan, resting place of Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War General for the Union (North) and later President of the United States. …

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The Bone Store

Maxilla and Mandible has been a fixture on Columbus Avenue near the Museum of Natural History for as long as I can remember.  According to its website, it was founded…

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Top of the Rock Orb

Pretty much everyone who photographs New York cityscapes goes to the Top of the Rock and gets pictures of uptown, downtown, the rivers, bridges, and sometimes great skies that are visible from the observation deck.    Pictures of the fixtures on the observation deck itself are, while not rare, much less common.

What is uncommon is the chance to take a picture of these fixtures with nobody in front of them.  For that, it helps to visit on a cold, January night.  Not as sharp as I’d like (only the photogs employed by Rock Center can use tripods), nor the best sky, but I do love the image, which seems straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Below the fold are 2 more, taken with a D50 on a warm September evening, with a lot more people around, and a better sky.


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High Line Spur

Yesterday I made my first visit to the High Line, a New York city park built on an unused elevated railroad track on the West Side.  By the time I got there in late afternoon, the sky changed from partly cloudy to completely overcast, so I didn’t have the light I hoped for, but the stage is just so amazing I still got some shots I am pleased with.  Here is one, with a Black and White version visible if you click on the “More” link.


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Temple of Dendur

WELCOME BING VISITORS on December 27, 2011!  Please feel free to look at other images here on my site. One easy way is through the “You Might Also Like” links, with thumbnails, at the bottom of each page.  If you are interested, you may subscribe to my RSS Feed at this link. I also love getting comments.

This is the Temple of Dendur exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of art.  Processed using Photomatix from hand held 9-exposure bracketed set, with a light application of Lucis Pro and some Nik filters.

After posting images from the Episcopal Cathedral, this is a change of pace to a very different place of worship.  The temple was acquired by the US when we helped Egypt save a lot of other antiquities that would have been destroyed by the construction of a dam.  The exhibit opened in 1978, while I was attending a high school about 4-5 blocks from the museum.  I remember when it opened, and I’ve always been very fond of it.  Just the idea that there is an entire temple building, albeit somewhat small, inside the Met Museum building is pretty cool.

This photo is also one of my favorite processing jobs of my own work.  For a comparison, I have included the original unaltered regular exposure image under the “More” link to show how this originally looked. As Trey Ratcliff explains often, the plain unprocessed photo looks less like what I remember than this heavily adjusted image does.  This is how I remember seeing the temple.

The entire window view (that’s Central Park, by the way) had to be completely masked in from a darker exposure.  Besides all the filters, I did a lot of masking in this.  The statues, the water, and the ceiling all have different amounts of each filter mixed in to different degrees. (more…)

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Colorful Garage With Posters


I passed by this parking garage entrance during a night time photo walk about 2 months ago, and was struck by how clean, bright, and colorful it was compared to similar establishments. I took a 5-shot bracketed set, but never quite managed to re-create the effect I saw with my eyes. This result comes the closest, but I went through a ton of alternate versions. I have also posted 3 alternate version on Flickr, and if you click on the image you should be taken to this image in my photostream, where the others should be easy to find. I would be interested in all opinions about the different versions and results. Thanks.

UPDATE: One more version and I’m walking away from this image that’s giben me so much trouble. This version is based on Michael Tuuk’s comments below. (more…)

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