What Planet Are You From?

Planet Bike - Williamsburg Brooklyn
Planet Bike - Williamsburg Brooklyn

Williamsburg has a variety of ethic groups and cultures living in close proximity but often not understanding each other.  Here is a story of the occasional tensions between two such groups.  It’s easy to imagine they look at each other as being from different planets, and as that article indicates, one is nearly literally Planet Bike.  As far as I can tell, and I admit to being no expert, the various groups get along on the basis of mutually leaving each other alone.  Keep the important things in life close to you, and leave the rest of the world slightly out of focus.  It might just make you happier.

UPDATE:  I meant to include this originally.  This shot was given an HDR treatment, but is otherwise unprocessed.  No alterations in either Aperture or Photoshop.

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