Big Sky Country [NYC Edition]

Yesterday morning was a bit brisk and chilly, but there was an epic blue sky, with just the right amount of clouds. I took a bit of a roundabout walk on the way to the subway in the morning and ended up at the Fresh Pond Road subway station, which has this cool vantage point.

This is straight out of the Fuji x100 with minimal processing. Lots of detail buried here. Not all of it is terribly exciting, but if you click on the image you’ll be taken to the SmugMug page for the image. Click on “Original” in the flyout when you hover over the image and you can spot 2 flyspeck airplanes and read graffiti 2-3 blocks away.

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  1. Great perspective to this, Mark. The rails grab my attention and the foreground is really strong aided by the gridwork. Is that a distant train I see far in the distance on the left side or am I imagining that?
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    1. LensScaper, I don’t think so. In the middle distance along the track you can see the next station with a red roof and green eaves slanting out. In the far distance hovering over the oncoming track, is a building, which in anything but the original size could maybe be mistaken for a train. I think, but am far from certain, that it is the Wiliamsburgh Savings Bank Tower in Downtown Brooklyn.

  2. Great shot, Mark. I checked the details and am blown away by the resolution of that camera. Makes me want to get one for walk around, grab shots.

  3. This is one of my favorite Mark! Thanks for sharing and i’m looking forward to see more of this.

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