One Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, And A Giant Golf Ball


Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, And A Giant Golf Ball



Eventually, everyone who photographs Walt Disney World at night shoots Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, colloquially known as the Golf Ball. I spent an evening slowly walking from the Mexico Pavilion on one end of the World Showcase to the back entrance/exit of Epcot that leads to the Epcot resort area where my family and I were staying. I captured multiple images of the landmark, and chose this one to present first, in part because I am not aware of any that present a similar point of view. I even searched Flickr and Google image search and found nothing like this. I’m sure there, are in fact, similar shots, but they are not easily found, at least by me.

I have other shots where the “golf ball” is more prominent and they will appear in due time.

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