New York City Skyline Long Exposure from Riverwalk Place, West New York


New York Skyline From Riverwalk Place, West New York



The New York City skyline as viewed from West New York, New Jersey,* shortly after dawn. Long exposure, converted to black and white solely in Aperture, (which after yesterday’s WWDC I’m pretty sure Apple is going to kill).

*The Town of Eastchester is in Westchester County.
East New York is in Brooklyn.
West New York is in New Jersey.
Texas is in New York, and New York is in Texas.
Queens and Brooklyn are on Long Island but not in Long Island.
Manhattan is an island.
Rhode Island isn’t.
The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor … well, you get the point. 

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  1. Really Nice Mark, I love the isolation of those last two posts out of the water, I gotta get back to that city!

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