Magic Kingdom from the Grand Floridian Resort

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You might not see much of the Magic Kingdom from this spot, but the view of the top of Cinderella’s Castle is nevertheless unmistakable.  The Grand Floridian Resort is gorgeous. We’ve never stayed there as I’m not quite sure it’s worth the cost compared to other WDW Resorts, but my family and I almost always schedule a dinner at one of its restaurants so we have an opportunity to visit. A bonus is we usually end up visiting around the evening golden hour so the place photographs in stunning fashion with the great light.

Our restaurant this evening was Narcoosee’s, situated right on the water in the building directly ahead. The path leading to the left of the building goes to a boat dock with service directly to the Magic Kingdom. Dinner was good; the view was better.

I took this with the Fujinon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, which I rented from Borrow Lenses for the trip. It’s not super fast but it is a great walking around vacation lens, covering a nice broad range of focal lengths in a light package to go with your Fuji x-Mount camera.

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  1. Nice, bet the view was great

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